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Zippy Couriers

By Graham Higgins

"Hi. I'm Shauna McCullough and I work for Hurst Couriers, the biggest load of ratbags in the business. I've just done 117K in 28 minutes through the rush hour. Pretty zippy flying, yeah? Do you know what Gilder will say? He'll say 'What kept you?'"

Zippy Couriers was a strip by Hilary Robinson and Graham Higgins (occasionally inked by Tim Perkins) which first appeared in 2000 AD prog 610, in January 1989. Its last appearance (so far) was in prog 669 in March 1990. Set in a future world where traffic has taken to the sky thanks to the invention of the anti-grav unit, it concerned the adventures of a cheerful and likeable young woman called Shauna McCullough. She set up the eponymous one-woman courier company with the money she got to keep quiet about the time she transported a dead politician's head in a box.