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Wolfie Smith

Wolfie Smith
Real name
Ernest Patrick Smith
Current alias
Wolfie Smith
The Boy With the Mind Power
Charlie Smith (father); unnamed mother
Base of operations
London; formerly 11 Mason St., Humberton

Marital status
Born different
Place of birth
Humberton, England
First appearance
Last appearance


The eponymous protagonist of the Tornado comic series The Mind of Wolfie Smith was born with the power of Extra-Sensory Perception (E.S.P.). As a result he was always an outsider, and was nicknamed 'Wolfie' because of his piercing wolf-like eyes, though his powers did not fully manifest until he became a teenager and was referred to a psychiatrist after causing problems at school. (His teachers refused to believe he was capable of completing a test with 100% positive results in under three minutes, and accused him of cheating, something Wolfie strongly denied.)

Running away from home, Wolfie became a drifter, taking various jobs and getting into a number of dangerous and strange situations which his mental powers got him out of (and along the way becoming a fugitive wanted for a murder he did not commit), before falling into the hands of the grotesque crime boss Harry Kramer (known as the Bogeyman) who attempted to use Wolfie's powers for his own evil ends. Wolfie eventually defeated Kramer, but with his customary bad luck running true to form was last seen being pursued across the London docks by an army of rats he had summoned to deal with the Bogeyman.

Powers and abilities[]


Unspecified, extremely powerful psychic and psionic abilities including telepathy, telekinesis, the ability to create a force field around himself, the power to project a mental image of himself, levitation, limited precognition, limited teleportation, illusion casting, limited mind control through a form of instant hypnosis and a photographic memory. He could also use his mental powers to increase his physical strength temporarily, allowing him to perform amazing feats such as leaping twelve feet or punching out opponents far larger than himself.

Strength level

Human male who gets regular exercise.


Bad luck.


  • Wolfie's initials are an anagram of E.S.P.
  • The character was apparently inspired by the 1970s childrens TV show The Tomorrow People.
  • Wolfie debuted in Tornado but later transferred to 2000 AD.
  • Among the artists to have drawn The Mind of Wolfie Smith are Jesús Redondo, Mike Dorey (as "J. Clough") and Vano.
  • A (possibly alternate reality) version of Wolfie resurfaced years later in the series Armoured Gideon in 2000 AD.
  • Wolfie has no known connection to Walter Henry 'Wolfie' Smith, leader of the Tooting Popular Front.


Curiously, a text story in the 1979 Tornado Summer Special shows a bank slip of Wolfie's bearing the name "W. Smith" rather than "E. Smith."


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