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Long patrol

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The Wizard was originally an illustrated 'story paper' (featuring text stories starring characters such as Wilson and the Wolf of Kabul, accompanied by a few illustrations) published by D.C. Thomson from 22nd September 1922 up until it was merged with its companion title The Rover in 1963; these were two of D.C. Thomson's "big five" story papers, along with Hotspur, Skipper and Adventure. Like Hotspur, The Wizard was later revived as an actual comic, on 14th February 1970, and lasted until 10th June 1978, eventually incorporating Rover in 1973 in a reversal of their original merger. Strips featured in the later version included Strongbow, Braddock, V.C (text story), The Lancers from Lost Valley, Inspector Bonehead, Morgyn the Mighty, Seven Bullets for Santa(!), The Frightened Champion, Wandering Walter, The First Top Hat in the West, The Hoodoo on the Rangers, Run for your Life, The Grappler from Great Tor, Chained to His Sword, Madoc of the Mountains, When the Green Mist Came, Cast-Iron Bill and Simon Gaunt. Ian Kennedy drew Tiger McTaggart and Typhoon Tennyson. The first 153 issues of the revived title were numbered on the cover; from the 20th of January 1973, however, there were dates only.