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Warheads was a monthly series published in the standard American comics format by Marvel UK from June 1992-August 1993 (14 issues in total) and circulated in both Britain and America only through comics speciality shops. The series was also reprinted in Britain in the bi-weekly anthology magazine Overkill, which had conventional high street distribution.

The series, originally created by Paul Neary, Nick Vince and artist Gary Erskine and later featuring the talents of Simon Coleby and John Freeman amongst others, followed the fortunes of Kether Troop. They were a part of the mercenary army of dimension-hopping Warheads employed by the evil techno-wizards of the Mys-Tech Corporation to carry out their ends, including capturing technology or magical artifacts, on the various worlds of the multiverse.

Kether Troop, led by the mysterious Colonel Tigon Liger and his second-in-command, the precognitive psychic Misha, eventually broke ties with Mys-Tech with the aid of Death's Head II and went on the run from their former masters. Following the end of the ongoing series, the team returned in a two-issue limited series, Warheads: Black Dawn, which saw them trapped on a world of vampires. (It was drawn by Charlie Adlard and the second issue was inked by David Hine.) Two more limited series were planned but never published. The series guest starred various American Marvel characters including the Silver Surfer, Wolverine (who was responsible for Colonel Liger's distinctive facial scarring) and the X-Men. Liger later returned in the series Revolutionary War.


Prominent members of the team included:

Colonel Liger (the Colonel's name, Tigon Liger, is taken from two hybrid animals, crosses between a tiger and a lion).

Misha (psi-scout).

Stacey Arnheim (usually seen in a huge armoured exo-skeleton).


Perez (killed in issue #10).

Leona McBride (turned into a vampire and lost in Black Dawn #2).

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