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Walter the Wobot

Walter the Wobot
Real name
I'm-Walter-Try-Me Vending Robot, type D-2000-A1
Current alias
Walter the Wobot
Fwiend of Dwedd
Gus (brother); mother
Base of operations

Unusual features
He's a robot
Marital status
Carer; former drink dispenser
Made by Interglobal Hardware Co.
Place of birth
The moon
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 10
2000 AD prog 1997


Walter the Wobot is a character from 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine. A sickeningly obsequious robo-servant from Mega-City One, he was the first robot ever to be granted his freedom (by Chief Judge Goodman, in return for helping defeat the insane robot Call-Me-Kenneth). However, Walter had no use for freedom; all he wanted was to serve his hero Judge Dredd, who duly took him on. Walter spent several eventful years in Dredd's service, during which he was made Mega-City One's first ever robot Judge by Chief Judge Caligula (who was insane, so it probably wasn't legal) and saved Dredd's life during the Apocalypse War. Walter eventually left Dredd after being seriously damaged by the villainous Mean Angel and went on to set up his own business selling used robots, something Dredd considered morally dubious.

Still obsessed with Dredd, Walter eventually snapped and tried to kill Dredd for his dismissive treatment over the years. He was sentenced to thirty years' imprisonment but was released during a robot revolution. Surrendering to Dredd in the aftermath, he was paroled and now lives with and cares for Mrs. Gunderson, former landlady of Judge Death.

Powers and abilities[]


Making synthi-caff; filming events and replaying them on his screen.

Strength level

Robot drinks dispenser who gets regular exercise.


Not a very good cook. He put a bedsock in Mrs Gunderson's omelette.


A readers' favourite, Walter once had his own intermittent series of short, comedic adventures entitled Walter the Wobot: Fwiend of Dwedd.


  • Walter has rhotacism, a speech impediment which causes him to pronounce 'R' as 'W'. He developed it after being afraid for his life when the Judges were hunting down and killing robots during Call-Me-Kenneth's robot rebellion. Interestingly, he also replaces Rs with Ws when he writes (see quotations).
  • In 'Mister, Could You Use A Squonge?' (an episode of Tharg's Future Shocks in 2000 AD prog 242), the child Milton Grozinski was shown wearing a t-shirt bearing an image of Walter captioned 'THE GWEATEST'.
  • Walter featured in a one-page humour strip written by Matt Smith and drawn by Jock in the 2000 AD 40th Anniversary Special. He was shown attending a party with some other Judge Dredd supporting characters which was abruptly terminated when Dredd showed up.


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