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Valiant was a weekly adventure comic published by IPC from 6th April 1962 to 16th October 1976 (713 issues). It incorporated several other cancelled titles during its lengthy run, including Knockout in 1963, Smash! in 1971, TV Century 21 later in 1971, Lion in 1974 and Vulcan in 1976. It was eventually cancelled due to falling sales when it was effectively supplanted by Battle Picture Weekly and Action, and was finally merged with Battle Picture Weekly. Valiant Annuals were published from 1964 to 1984, and Valiant Summer Specials from 1966 to 1980. There were also a number of associated titles including the Valiant Book of Pirates (1967), the Valiant Book of TV's Sexton Blake (1969), the Valiant Book of Conquest of the Air (1972), the Valiant Book of Sports (1973), the Valiant Book of Magic & Mystery (1976) and the Valiant Book of Weapons & War (1976), plus the Valiant Space Special (two issues, 1967-68), Valiant Picture Library (144 issues, 1963-1969) and the Valiant Story of the West (two issues, 1966).

Series appearing in Valiant[]