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Valda is one of the most memorable and celebrated girl characters from D.C. Thomson's stable of girls' comics, kicking off in 1968 in Mandy #56.

Valda recounted the fantasy tales of the orphan girl of the same name, who inherits mysterious powers after bathing in a mysterious pool of light: a mythic pendant she wears also hold the secrets to eternal youth. (Some people have all the luck.) Original artist Dudley Wynn created a real sense of wonder and otherwordiness in the very early extended tales, which usually centred around mystic, lost worlds, and alienated tribespeople. Valda was a raven-haired beauty who encountered many strange sights and beings on her travels: her ethereal powers also grant her the ability to be a super-athlete when the need arose.

Fantastic sense of eerie 'otherworlds' and fantasy scenarios, coupled with the beautifully-rendered frames of Valda herself, ensure that Valda is a valid entry in the quality girls' comics stakes.


  • A full-colour tale recounting Valda's ethereal impact on a tennis match provided a contemporary setting (by 1970 standards!) in a short story in the 1971 Mandy book.
  • Valda featured in three issues of the reprint title Lucky Charm between 1979 and 1983.
  • A much later Mandy annual from 2002 introduced a radical revamp of Valda's design, more along that of an updated 'TV cartoon' style. Artwork was reminiscent of that of Jimmy Hansen.
  • Special thanks to Steelclaw, Tonibunny, Lew Stringer and Phil Rushton for supplying these sterling visuals/snippets of info. Thanks a bundle!