Transformers was a weekly (originally fortnightly) title published by Marvel UK, based on the then popular toy line, from 20th September 1984 to 1992 (332 issues in total). The first eight issues were all reprints of American material, but from issue #9 British-originated material also began to appear; the successful British Marvel character Death's Head debuted in the Transformers story in #113. The book also ran various American Marvel back-up strips including Iceman and Machine Man, and from #153 incorporated the cancelled Action Force title (also acquiring its humorous back-up strip, Combat Colin). Contributors to the originated material included Simon Coleby, Mike Collins, Simon Furman (now regarded by many as the definitive Transformers writer), David Hine, Bryan Hitch, Staz Johnson, Barry Kitson, Smudge, Steve Parkhouse, John Ridgway, Geoff Senior, Ron Smith, John Stokes, Steve White, Pete Venters and Anthony Williams. Marvel UK also published seven Transformers Annuals over the years, and a total of 28 Specials.
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