Toxic! was a weekly comic published by Apocalypse Ltd. from 28th March to 24th October 1991, a total of 31 issues. The brainchild of Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill, John Wagner, Alan Grant and Mike McMahon, it was created with the intention of providing a rival to 2000 AD, but one in which creators would retain ownership and control of the properties they created. The title's lead strip was Marshal Law, by Mills, who also contributed much of the other content, including Accident Man and Sex Warrior, while Wagner and Grant contributed The Bogie Man. John Wagner's other proposals, Button Man and Al's Baby, were rejected by Mills as not fitting the tone of the comic, and were eventually picked up by 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, respectively.

The title ran into financial trouble and was cancelled shortly before Apocalypse Ltd. went bankrupt, with some creators never being paid for their work.

Toxic! has no connection to the later title Toxic, a magazine for boys with minimal strip content, published by Egmont.


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