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Tornado was a weekly comic published by IPC from March to August 1979, running a total of 22 issues. Supposedly presided over by a fictional 'editor', the superheroic Big E, portrayed in several comedic photo strip stories by artist Dave Gibbons (though the real editor was Kelvin Gosnell) the title featured a mix of stories from different genres. They included Black-Hawk, about a Roman slave turned centurion; The Mind of Wolfie Smith, about the adventures of a psychic teenage runaway; Storm, about a wild boy from the highlands of Scotland; superhero spoof Captain Klep, science fiction saga The Angry Planet (about Martian colonists being exploited by a greedy corporation), war story Wagner's Walk (about a trio of German P.O.W.s trying to escape from Siberia in 1948) and detective strip Victor Drago (written by Chris Lowder). Later issues featured The Lawless Touch, about enterprising thief Johnny Lawless. There were also a number of shorter stories including The Tale of Benkei, a supposedly true story about an elderly samurai. Following its cancellation, Tornado was merged with 2000 AD. Only Black-Hawk, Wolfie Smith and Captain Klep transferred across. A Tornado Summer Special was published in 1979, and Annuals were published in 1979 and 1980, dated 1980 and 1981.

Tornado has no connection to The Tornado, a character from Oh Boy!

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