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The cover of 2000 AD prog 711, by Philip Bond

Time Flies was a comedic strip by Garth Ennis and Philip Bond which ran in 2000 AD progs 700 to 711 (1990 AD). It concerned the misadventures of a World War II era fighter pilot, Squadron Leader Bertie Sharp, who is recruited by Trace (short for Tracer) Bullet, an agent of the Time Investigation Team from the year 3584 (who pilot a time-travelling JCB and include among their number failed pop stars Prat and Puke Gloss, a parody of boy band Bros), to recapture Herman Goering (whose name is inexplicably spelled 'Goring' throughout) from time-travelling pirate Captain Whitewash and his treacherous sidekick Cutty O'Sark (who have a curiously TARDIS-like time machine which looks like a traditional red phone box). Their quest takes them literally to Hell and back (not to mention Heaven, which unexpectedly turned out to be a hippy commune).

Bertie and Trace returned in the sequel series Tempus Fugitive in progs 1015 to 1023 (1996 AD), in which a resurrected Cutty O'Sark (the real villain of the first story) attempts to rule reality. Strangely, the last four chapters of Tempus Fugitive saw Philip Bond replaced as artist by Jon Beeston and Roger Langridge, which is more than a little jarring.