Tiger 1968
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Tiger was a mainly sports-themed weekly comic published by IPC from 11th September 1954 to 30th March 1985 ( a total of 1555 issues, numbered to #245). Launched by editor Derek Birnage and edited for many years by Barrie Tomlinson, it is best remembered as the original home of Roy of the Rovers but also featured numerous other strips, the best known including Billy's Boots, Johnny Cougar, Hot Shot Hamish, Jet-Ace Logan, Skid Solo, Nipper, Splash Gorton and Death Wish.

It absorbed several less successful titles over the years, including Comet, Hurricane, Jag, Scorcher (Scorcher remained on the masthead for over six years!) and Speed. Following its own eventual cancellation, Tiger was itself merged into the pages of the relaunched Eagle. Tiger Annuals were published from 1957 to 1987, and Tiger Holiday Specials from 1971 to at least 1976. There was also a digest-sized Tiger Sports Library published for just twelve issues from July to December 1961.

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