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Real name
Nemesis (father); Chira (mother, deceased); Magna (stepmother, deceased)
Base of operations

Unusual features
Marital status
Hatched from an egg
Place of birth
Gandarva, the Nether Worlds
First appearance


Thoth is a character from the 2000 AD strip Nemesis the Warlock. An extremely powerful warlock with the ability to warp time and space itself, and the mind of an angry three-year-old, he was the son of Nemesis and Chira. His hatching was a joyful occasion, attended by Warlocks including Nemesis' Great Uncle Baal and Baal's friend Ashtar. Thoth spent the first hours of his life happily playing with his father's familiar Grobbendonk.

Shortly after Thoth was hatched, Ashtar's daughter Magna betrayed him and his mother to the anti-alien bigots known as the Terminators, because she wanted Nemesis to marry her instead. Chira was killed, having used all her magical power to defend her son, and a grief-stricken Nemesis believed that Thoth had also perished.

Thoth was in fact very much alive and well. He had used the powers his mother had transferred to him to make his mother's murderer, Sir Hargan believe — initially, at least — that he was a cute little human baby. (In other words, he saw Thoth as his mother had seen him.) Thoth went to live with Sir Hargan and his wife on Termight. The infant warlock amused himself by defenestrating Hargan from his stalscraper, letting him plummet thousands of feet, saving him an inch from the ground and hauling him back to the window to do it again... and again...

Thoth made it his mission in life to avenge his mother, and also get revenge on Nemesis for deserting him. He started by transporting Torquemada (who had ordered Chira's death) from the past into the future, where Torquemada had been dead for ten years. The evil bigot was promptly arrested on a charge of impersonating himself. The new ruler of Termight, Grand Dragon Mazarin, realised that Torquemada was the real McCoy but had him publicly executed as an imposter anyway, in case his reappearance disturbed the populace and their new-found reconciliation with aliens. Watching the execution from his window with avid interest, Thoth put Torquemada in a time loop so that he burned to death repeatedly.

Thoth's next action was to summon the black tyrannosaur Satanus from the Cursed Earth, a region located in a time lost in the mists of Termight's history, because he wanted a pet. Sir Hargan's fate is unrecorded, but he was last seen gazing in terror at the huge carnivorous monster in his apartment. Nemesis, meanwhile, had been alerted by Purity Brown to the fact that Thoth might still be alive. Realising what Magna had done, he killed her and set off for Termight to locate his son. When Nemesis found Thoth, Thoth made Satanus breathe fire at him (a new power he had equipped him with) and then vanished.

Nemesis then lured Thoth out of hiding by rescuing Torquemada. When his father confronted him in the tubes below Termight, Thoth announced his intention to blow up the world by making the black hole and white hole on either side of Termight collide, wiping out all life in the galaxy. Nemesis offered to help him but Thoth was unmoved and escaped into the time wastes with Satanus, whom he released into the time of the tyrannosaurs.

Thoth was eventually reconciled with his father but died immediately afterwards, murdered with a chainsword by Torquemada.

Powers and abilities[]


Uncatalogued but extensive magical powers.

Strength level

Extremely high.


Thoth, according to Wikipedia, was the Egyptian god of knowledge, hieroglyphs and wisdom, which makes his name eminently suitable for a powerful magician. He was often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis or a baboon, but Nemesis' son looks even stranger. (Abelard Snazz met the Egyptian Thoth, a thkinny bloke who talked with a pronounthed lithp, in prog 245. It didn't end well.)


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