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Moxlob Thorkwung

Real name
Moxlob Thorkwung
Judicial dirtwad
Enemy of D.R. & Quinch

Unusual features
More than one heart
Marital status
First appearance

2000 AD prog 350


Thorkwung was the judge charged with sentencing D.R. & Quinch for a variety of heinous crimes (see quotes page). Unfortunately, he agreed to bail them for a month in order to perform "honest and charitable work" which would be taken into account when sentencing them.

D.R. promptly broke into the library and discovered Thorkwung's address. He then proceeded to purchase the house next door and use a grant from the charities' commission to transform it into 'Massacre House', a home for the rehabilitation "of dangerous maniac ex-servicemen in need of love and understanding." D.R. argued convincingly that a house next door to that of a judge was ideal for this project because Thorkwung would provide "correct sobering influence for these wretched, deranged and unlovable berserkers."

Massacre House was quickly filled with D.R. and Quinch's friend Pulger, a mentally unstable veteran of the Ghoyogi slime jungle wars, and his equally paranoid friends. D.R. and Quinch thoughtfully provided them with guns, grenades, frag-mines and a quad-engine stratocopter with thirty air-to-ground warpedoes, presumably for therapeutic purposes. As Pulger and his comrades set about booby-trapping the area in case of surprise attacks, and starting mortar practice as soon as Thorkwung and his wife had gone to bed, the judge was regrettably unenthusiastic about D.R. and Quinch's charitable endeavour.

However, Thorkwung's attitude was quickly changed when the mayor visited and praised the initiative. When D.R. and Quinch said that the whole thing was Thorkwung's idea, and the mayor offered him a pay rise as a reward, Thorkwung used his phone to call the courthouse and acquit the pair on the spot, erasing all their crimes from the computer.

Shortly afterwards a deputation from the Ghoyogian embassy whom D.R. had invited to Massacre House to promote peace and reconciliation arrived, prompting Pulger and the other ex-servicemen to respond to this "sneak attack" with extreme hostility. Judge Thorkwung was charged with full responsibility for the 'Massacre House massacre', which led to the war with Ghoyogi resuming, and was last seen on the holo-news being led away in handcuffs.

Powers and abilities[]


Proficient judge.

Strength level

Pretty feeble (his forte is brains, not brawn).


Rather gullible.


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