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X-Men had been a weekly title launched by Marvel UK on 27th April 1983. It began reprinting the X-Men's adventures from the beginning, but folded after just 17 issues on 23rd May and was merged with the 'Thor' weekly (which had begun in the same month as X-Men) with issue #20, the title being changed to 'Thor & the X-Men' to reflect this. Thor & X-Men lasted a further 20 issues before being cancelled with #39 and merged with Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. As with a number of the weeklies launched by Marvel around this time, little thought appears to have gone into the content of these two; the X-Men stories being reprinted were 20 years old and totally at odds with the version of the team then being seen in Marvel Super-Heroes while the Thor strip seemed to start from a totally random point in the character's history. Possibly, this accounts for the lacklustre reception the two titles received.

Following this title's cancellation, both stories continue as back-up features in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #567.


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