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Yosay Tilman

By Jesús Redondo

Yosay Tilman 2

By Jesús Redondo

Yosay Tilman (thinking): "I've grown to like these twins a lot... And I just hope we can turn their powers to our advantage... Because if we can't — they'll have to DIE!" Starlord #4.

Yosay Tilman (thinking): "What the hell do I do? They trust me... both of them! I've become their friend! Now... I'm about to become their EXECUTIONER!" Starlord #5.

Yosay Tilman: "I've been ordered to kill you both, Ardeni, but you can stop me! Please — use the powers the Jugla gave you... and stop me doing it! I beg you!" Starlord #6.

Yosay Tilman: "I don't believe it! We're moving, Kola Rashnik! Those kids are powering a starship with their minds!" Starlord #8.

Yosay Tilman: "Ardeni! This is Tilman! The fusion bomb detonates in two minutes. 8½ minutes after that, the blast wave from the Sun reaches Earth... and wipes it clean of all life! Fight the control — fight it!" Starlord #11.

Yosay Tilman: "Do you know something, Controller? It's time somebody shut your mouth!" *punches Doctor Varn* Starlord #12.

Yosay Tilman (thinking): "Perhaps I've knocked around the galaxy for too long... because nobody ever gives away anything for nothing!" Starlord #14.

Yosay Tilman: "If the little lady doesn't watch out, she's going to get involved out of her depth with Orloff."

Kreda: "Jealous, Tilman? You humans are all the same. Beats me how you ever made it to the stars in the first place!" Starlord #16.

Yosay Tilman (possessed by Ardeni): "Leave me alone! I've never felt better. The universe is mine to command... mine!" Starlord #18.