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William Blood Moon

By Carlos Ezquerra

William Blood Moon: "You're norms, aren't you? While I sympathise with your situation, to spare you would clearly be wrong. When this war is over there may be a place for you — in the camps, perhaps, you have so generously provided for us. But for now... Quick and clean, Wilson. Remind your men, we are not barbarians." 2000 AD prog 2009.

Mardi: "It's my duty, Johnny — my privilege. William Blood Moon chose me. It's such an honour." 2000 AD prog 1618.

Plug Nickel: "He nearly went crazy when he heard about the truce. You were all traitors. His war wasn't over. It wouldn't end till the norms were wiped out. They started recruiting for the terror campaign. Youngsters, mostly — easier to brainwash." 2000 AD prog 1620.

Evans the Fist: "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. That's Blood Moon all over."

Middenface McNulty: "Aye, he's a great yin fer makin' martyrs as long as he's no' one o' them." 2000 AD prog 1623.

William Blood Moon: "This is what the revolution has come to — pandering to dirty old norms, supplying them with mutant girls for their perverted pleasure, with mutants to wait on them hand and foot. Yes sir! Yes massa! Nothing has changed!" 2000 AD prog 1626.

William Blood Moon (last words): "This is very unwise. Kill me and you will retard the mutant cause by a hundred years. Think about it." 2000 AD prog 1627.