Albion British Comics Database Wiki

By Dave Gibbons

Walter the Wobot

By Ian Gibson

2000 AD prog 1892 cover

By Colin MacNeil

Gunderson and Walter

By Carlos Ezquerra

Walter: "D-don't destroy me, masters! Walter is a good wobot... Walter love humans... weally he do!" 2000 AD prog 11.

Walter: "Oh, thank you, Judge Dwedd! You are the nicest, kindest human in the whole world! Walter will never betway you — never!"

Dredd: "Stop this sickening display of affection! Get up off your knees, robot — you're dripping oil on my boot!" Ibid.

Walter: "Humans are the masters and wobots are the slaves. We should love humans and care for them — not kill them." Ibid.

Dredd to Walter: "You and the other wobots... Heck! You've got me at it now!" 2000 AD prog 15.

Dredd to Walter: "In the middle of this robot carnage all you can think about is making me a hot drink! I oughta frame you an' hang you on the wall!" Ibid.

Walter: "Oh, Judge Dwedd, Walter is so pleased you will be ending Walter's worthless life. But do wemember your clean socks are in..." 2000 AD prog 29.

Dredd: "I know Walter's just a stupid big hunk of metal. And sometimes he's so humble he makes me want to throw up... but— Drokk it all, man, I've got used to the little guy." 2000 AD prog 44.

Walter's suicide note: "Dear Judge Dwedd — If Walter cannot be your Wobot, there is no weason for him to go on living. Walter has decided to find a tall building and thwow himself off. This humble wobot is gwateful for the few, bwief, pwecious moments you allowed him to spend with you. Yours always, Walter xxx P.S. There is some nice cold tweacle pudding in the fwidge." 2000 AD prog 60.

Walter: "Two cups of fwesh, hot synthi-caf, you lawbweaking fweaks!" 2000 AD prog 115.

Max Normal: "I need your help, friend with a lisp. Spread your scanners and I'll give you the gist." 1982 Judge Dredd annual.

Walter: "...but Walter love Dwedd, Mac-1 — he weally do! Walter has witten twenty-thwee volumes of poetwy about him. Listen —
'Oh Dwedd you are so bwave and stwong,
Cwuel, but kind and twue...'" 2000 AD prog 719.

Judge Death impersonator: "My name issss Deathhhh! I havve come to jjjudggge you!"

Walter: "Not today, thank you." 2000 AD prog 1892.

Walter: "The wascal's stolen Mrs Gunderson! It's a despewate pwedicament! There's only one thing to do. I'm calling Judge Dwedd!" 2000 AD prog 1996.

Walter: "Walter was not your dwoid once for nothing. He have the pwesence of mind to wecord the incident." 2000 AD prog 1997.