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Ukko by Greg Staples

By Greg Staples

Ukko by Clint Langley

By Clint Langley

Ukko by Paul Staples

By Paul Staples


Ukko: "There's no shame in making money. It's a hard world out there, Sláine — especially if you're a dwarf." 2000 AD prog 336.

Ukko: "Och! Och! Aaah! No! Mercy! Help! Murder!"

Fea the Hateful: "I haven't even touched him!" 2000 AD prog 338.

Ukko: "We dwarves are famous for our knowledge of medicine!"

Blind Bran: "So why are you nearly extinct?" 2000 AD prog 343.

Ukko to random woman: "Goodbye, Tangwen." 

Tangwen: "Goodbye, Ukko."

Ukko: "Goodbye, Cassir... Midir... Goneril... Gormlaith... Fay..."

Crowd of women: "Goodbye, Ukko!" 2000 AD prog 352.

Ukko: "O Lug, great god of the sky, look after little Ukko. Even if the others get it... make sure I'm all right!" 2000 AD prog 354.

Sláine: "My dwarf has always benefited from a good belting." 2000 AD prog 363.

Ukko: "We dwarves (with our superior brains) can see only too clearly the dangers that lie ahead and spend our lives worrying about getting enough to eat, having a warrior like Sláine to protect us, and being secure in our old age. That's why I'm always looking for treasure — so I've something to retire on." 2000 AD annual 1985.

Ukko to drowning woman: "Give me your hand!"

Woman: "Oh, thank you dwarf! Thank you!"

Ukko: "Let's just get your rings off first, dear... ...And we don't want to waste that nice necklace, do we?" 2000 AD prog 414.

Myrddin: "Evil is unthinking, Nest. It cannot help itself... just as Ukko cannot help stealing from my bag."

Ukko: "Oh! How did my hand get in there? Bad, bad hand! Don't you dare do that again!" 2000 AD prog 422.

Sláine: "I'll sew the little rat's mouth up."

Myrddin: "You can do that later, Sláine. We must hurry."

Sláine: "It wouldn't take long. I'm quite good at it now." 2000 AD prog 433.

Ukko: "This tomb... I expect there'd be some treasure in it?"

Myrddin: "All the gold and silver you can carry, Ukko."

Ukko: "I can carry quite a lot." 2000 AD prog 447.

Gerg Three Fingers: "Ukko, what do you do with the gold you collect? You can't spend it all."

Ukko: "I hoard it and snuggle up to it on cold winter nights. It's a great comfort to me." 2000 AD prog 519.