Torquemada pin-up 2

By Kevin O'Neill

2000 AD prog 404 cover

By Bryan Talbot

2000 AD prog 482 cover

By Bryan Talbot

Kevin O'Neill's art from prog 500

By Kevin O'Neill

2000 AD prog 523 cover

By Kevin O'Neill

Torquemada: "Woe to the aliens! And to the traitors who give them succour! For I am everywhere! Watching YOU at all times! I know all YOUR guilty secrets! I urge YOU... repent! While there is still time!" 2000 AD prog 227.

Torquemada: "The people need to be afraid. Fear is good for them!" 2000 AD prog 338.

Torquemada: "Oh, foul! Foul! Everywhere I look I see deviants... pseudo-humans... weirdoes! Oh, I must cleanse this planet! All must enter the vats!" 2000 AD prog 389.

Nemesis: "You can break my body, Torquemada... but not my spirit!"

Torquemada: "Fair enough. I'll settle for breaking your body!" 2000 AD prog 402.

Torquemada: "I warn you — beware of the pseudo-human! Watch out for the anti-body... the vile creature who appears normal but is secretly... a deviant!" 2000 AD prog 403.

Narrator: "If ever a man was aptly named, it was Tomas de Torquemada... called after the infamous Spanish inquisitor, his name was like some ghastly joke... It comes from 'Torque' — the Latin word for torture... and 'Quemada', which means 'the burning'." 2000 AD prog 404.

Torquemada: "I rejoice at the malevolence of the deviant... ...for it shows I have followed the path of righteousness!" Ibid.

Narrator: "Brother Mikron had always admired Torquemada — eagerly buying his fan magazine 'Torque-In', filled with fascinating details about the royal family." 2000 AD prog 405.

Torquemada: "There is only once crime I am guilty of... being too merciful! When you were my prisoner, I should have spent more time with you in the torture chamber... so you could really understand the meaning of pain." 2000 AD prog 443.

Narrator: "Indeed, anyone who thought Torquemada was unbelievable, had only to look at Hopkin or Chivington... or...? ...And realise the Grand Master was not impossible, but inevitable — the ultimate incarnation of human evil." 2000 AD prog 504.

Torquemada: "I must personally sacrifice the creature of Khaos on the altar of law and order!" 2000 AD prog 565.

Nemesis (narrating): "You're here somewhere in this hell world... This curio where only the strong and cruel survive and the weak go under... You call the process evolution. Survival of the fittest. You think the rest of the universe is governed by the rules of your madhouse. Which is why you attacked it. For you are the strongest, cruellest of the insect-like inhabitants of this planet. You are the first insect to bite back." 2000 AD prog 586.

Torquemada: "The memory of Thoth's last moments gives me almost... physical pleasure." 2000 AD prog 590.

Torquemada: "Now, warlock! Lord of the Flies! It's dogmeat time! It's ketchupagogo as you face death by the... HEDGETRIMMER?!"

Brother Mikron: "That's what I was trying to tell you, Grand Master. Apparently there's a big demand for chain saws, these days. That's all they had." 2000 AD prog 607.