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The Glyph

Halo Jones (writing to Rodice): "There's also a sort of stowaway in our cabin — a really dull type. I can't remember a single thing about her... In fact, it might not even be a her. It's difficult to say." 2000 AD prog 406.

The Glyph: "You're interested in me? You... you want to know who I am?"

Toy Molto: "Yeah. Who are you?"

The Glyph: "I don't know." 2000 AD prog 408

The Glyph (narrating): "It's a lonely life really. The minute I leave a room it's like I was never there. It's as if I'm in a different dimension to everyone else. Still, I'm not complaining. I like being near people... I can listen to what they're saying, and pretend to join in their conversations. It's a lot of fun, really..." Ibid.

The Glyph: "It's nice to know that I can be of assistance to somebody. I mean, being a non-entity isn't much of a talent... but sometimes it comes in useful. I could probably do lots of little jobs for you if you wanted. Not that I'm trying to be pushy or overbearing, you understand. I just thought you could bear me in mind, and... uh... uh... Well, goodbye. Nice talking to you." 2000 AD prog 410.

Halo (after the explosion): "Toy? Toy, what happened? Are we dead?"

Toy: "No... nobody died today." 2000 AD prog 413.

Halo: "Hey, is there something missing from this cabin? It's like we've got more room..."

Toy: "Hmmm. I was thinking that, just the other day. It's like there used to be some piece of furniture or something that we never noticed, and now it's gone."

Halo: "Yeah. I wonder what it was?"

Toy: "I dunno. Guess. It can't have been anything important." 2000 AD prog 414.