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By Rachael Stott

Eleventh Doctor 2

By Simon Fraser

Twelfth Doctor

By Dave Taylor

The Doctor: "Mrs Higgins, there are aliens at the bottom of your garden!" The Star Beast.

Narrator: "It had always been the same, since his very earliest days: if someone told him to do something, he would do the exact opposite. Keep Off the Grass; You Mustn't Go Down There; Please Don't Violate the Laws of Physics." The Infinity Doctors.

Narrator (Fitz Kreiner's point of view): "What was it about the Doctor and blondes?" Dominion.

Narrator: "He had acquired many a knick-knack and much bric-à-brac from classified ads over the years. First editions of Lady Chatterly's Lover and 1984, his favourite carved-eagle lectern, the complete collection of Laurel and Hardy movies on Betamax and a huge gallows with a hangman's noose on the end, for which he had never found a good use, although it propped closed the the boot cupboard very successfully." Business Unusual.

The Doctor: "An old friend of mine -- well, enemy, really -- once tried to create a new universe to rule maniacally -- or something like that -- I lost interest early into his monologue. I put a few minus symbols before his calculations, so it ended up a wee bit smaller than he planned. I've got it in my pocket. An entire universe all to himself, no other life-forms whatsoever. If you listen closely, you can hear him calling me all sorts of names." Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1.

Clara Oswald: "What's his story, Doctor? He doesn't like you, which happens a lot."

The Doctor: "Ah, but I'm hated by all the right people." Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2.

The Doctor: "Never admit you did read the reviews. 'Very rude, tasteless coat, two stars'. Which Planet-Saver. I've never forgotten." Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #4.

The Overcast: "You are a capricious superorganism which likes to play at mortality. You smash across the timelines of the tiny lives you encounter -- pausing only to congratulate yourself on your own nobility. You are a smug, cackling child with the power of a reckless god. And you never linger to count the cost." Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor 2.1.

Abslom Daak: "ʼS a snob in a blue box. What else ya need ta know? Damn Timelords all look the same to me anyways." Tales from the TARDIS #5.