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2000 AD prog 1944 cover

By Cliff Robinson

Madelyn Vespertine (narrating): "This era... I chose the wrong form for it. I should have chosen something about thirty years older and with whiskers." 2000 AD Winter Special 2014.

Reverend Charles Booth: "An alienist? Does anyone here look as though their senses have deserted them? There's a woman in there with her brains dashed out! It's a police inspector we need, not some blasted mind-swami!" 2000 AD prog 1945.

Reginald Briggs: "Madelyn, there are so many things about you I've chosen not to know..."

Madelyn: "And I've told you before that is a wise policy." 2000 AD prog 1949.

Reginald Briggs: "Madelyn, you — you're not controlling my mind, are you? And that's why I agreed to do this?"

Madelyn: "Of course, not Reggie. You're doing this because you're brave, and you want to help."

Professor Praetorius: "Ah, trust. How sweetly naive." 2000 AD prog 2043.

Madelyn (narrating): "I've done damage to so many of them... while telling myself it was all for the greater good." 2000 AD prog 2048.