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Suzi Cho1

By Salinas

Suzi Cho

Suzi Cho: "We tried to do it easy, Blocker — now you'll wake up with a stun-beam headache!" Starlord #1.

Suzi Cho: "The time-flux is in operation! Through the warp — fast!" Starlord #2.

Suzi Cho: "Princesses of the Haniken Empire have the mental ability to distort reality... to take on other shapes!" Starlord #3.

James Blocker: "I get a real kick out of that gimmick of yours! How about you, sunshine?" Starlord #4.

James Blocker: "Listen, lady, you did me a good turn there, but who the hell are you?"

Suzi Cho: "Really, Blocker — and I thought you fancied me!" Starlord #7.

Suzi Cho (in the Berlin of 1945): "I don't think I'll ever be nearer to Hell than this!" Starlord #9.

Harl Vinda: "To keep the Aztecs here, and let history run its true course, Blocker will have to die!"

Suzi Cho: "Yes. I'll be sorry to see him go, but Earth's future depends on it!" Starlord #12.

James Blocker: "How's about a big kisseroo for old times' sake?"

Suzi Cho: "All right, then! Close your eyes, lover boy!" *changes into slime monster* Starlord #13.