Albion British Comics Database Wiki

By Ian Gibson

Stogie: "This ees how you like eet, eh, amigo? The white-'ot flash of lasers! Bullets singing all around you! Death bot a wheesper away!" 2000 AD prog 276.

Stogie: "Tremble, peeg! The great Sam Slade, he come to cook your tortillas!" 2000 AD prog 278.

Stogie (singing to the tune of 'The Mexican Hat Dance'): "I'm... Carlos the stogie from Cuba!
I prefer castanets to the tuba!
Like Sinatra I seeng doo-be, doo-ba —
Only I seeng it better than heem!
I... do a dance called the black mamba!
I tango! I rumba! I SAMBA!
Olé, ay-yi-yi and caramba!
Thees stogie ees smokeeng today! OLÉ!" 2000 AD prog 292.

Stogie to Sam: "You are the beeg, bad brain — I am only the seemple, loveable robo-stogie!" 2000 AD prog 313.