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Stix 2

By Carlos Ezquerra

Gronk: "Eeeeeek!" *collapses*

Stix 1: "Dead. Heart attack."

Stix 2: "You were right. Didn't need a bullet. Hundred creds I owe you."

Spud Murphy: "Begorrah!"

Stix 1: "Bang bang."

Stix 2: "You're dead." 2000 AD prog 383.

Stix 1 (dying): "You win. We lose."

Stix 2 (dying): "Sneck."

Johnny Alpha: "That was always their problem... too slow. Sneaky — but too slow." 2000 AD prog 385.

Johnny Alpha: "Got to say, you guys are a great advert for inbreeding." 2000 AD prog 1927.

Evans the Fist: "Trouble thy name is Stix." 2000 AD prog 1962.