By John Byrne and Dave Hunt. Letters by Bruce Patterson

Spider-Man: "Maybe it's good news for a change. And maybe the sun just rose in the west, and a cow jumped over the moon. Face it, Parker-- --around this campus, you're turning into a walking joke. I heard that one of my profs has a theory, based on my class attendance record, that Peter Parker doesn't even exist!" Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #248.

Spider-Man: "I'm Spider-Man -- and if that means anything... means I DON'T GIVE UP!!"Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #251.

Spider-Man: "I hate to burst your bubble, CB, but if these tingles o' mine mean what I think they mean..." Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #253.

Peter Parker: What happens when you have to suffer something bad because you need to do what's right?

Spider-Man (Isotope): That's not my problem.

Peter Parker: "Not my" -- you realize what you're saying? Remember the last time we sounded like that? It was the night Uncle Ben died.

Spider-Man (Isotope): Sorry... who?

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