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By Carlos Ezquerra

Sisters of Death 2

By Carlos Ezquerra

Judge Kraken: "Grud, I can still smell them on me! Can't get rid of the smell!" 2000 AD prog 675.

The Sisters: "You hhavve hhhad but a tassste of what isss to come. We havvve today embarked upon great deeedssss. Thisss city sshhhalll be our masssterworkkk! Masssterworkkk! MASSSTERWORKKK! MASSSTERWORKKK! A triumphhh of dessspair over hhhope... darknesss over lighttt... jusssticcce over lifffe... Why ressssisssst? Admit your guilttt — join withhh ussssss! Togethhher we will build Necropolissss!" 2000 AD prog 684.

PJ Maybe: "I coulD see old Foby and Nausy up there screaming Like bansheys an sayin how they was gonna give evryBody hell. They were sure making the judGes looks siCk... Maybe it was Just a psychoTic hallusinashun but it seemed to me Fobia cought sight of me and smiLed real eviL-like and reacheD out her gratE, goStly claw-- --anD patTed my head." 2000 AD prog 707.

Judge Death: "Who can exxplain lovvve? It sstrikesss when we leassst exxpect! Alll I know isss, ass I beheld them there, a picture of demented lovelinesss — ass I gazzzed upon the divine madnessss in their eyesss — I felt a ssstirringg in my breasst and in my loinsss ssuchh ass I had never ffelt beffore... Ffrom that moment I wasss theirssss!" Young Death: Boyhood of a Superfiend.

Judge Death: "Sssome of the thingsss we did made even me ffeel queasssy." Ibid.

Sister Psiren: "Phobia. Nausea. Cobweb puppet-things, pulling my strings... ...And I like it!" 2000 AD prog 1974.

Casey Tweed: "Hi, I'm Casey. You guys into Skool of Hate? Nekrovore? Slain in Chains? Maybe we could, y'know, hook up later?"

Sister Nausea: "Yess. We love hooks. And chains." 2000 AD prog 2050.