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Simon 3

By Googe and Caldwell

Simon: "Sam! Sam, you have to come back inside! It's not safe!"

Sam: "Sorry. What was your name again?" 2000 AD prog 1824.

Simon: "Please pleaseplease! Say the line. Pleeeeaaase...?"

Sam: "*sigh*... 'Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?'"

Simon: "You are the perfect woman." 2000 AD prog 1826.

Simon: "Cthulhus! Thousands of them!" 2000 AD prog 1918.

Rufus: "Aw, you've not lost another bird, have you, mate?" 2000 AD prog 1921.

Sam: "Are you ever going to grow up? No, wait -- stupid question. I've seen your dollies."

Simon: "For the last time they're not dollies! They're collectable action figures!" 2000 AD prog 1923.

Sam: "You think I should give that a second chance? Seriously?"

Sam's doppelgänger: "He seems like a decent bloke. A lot better — if your experiences in your universe are anything like mine — than most of our past dating adventures. Look, I'm not talking romance of the century. Just try being a little nicer to him." 2000 AD prog 1975.

Simon (to Sam): "Go! I'll fight them off while you get out of here!" 2000 AD prog 1976.

Sam: "You know, you're really a lot smarter than you let on..." 2000 AD prog 1981.