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Shako 2

By Juan Arancio

Narrator: "SHAKO! The Eskimo word for the great white bear. It means simply... KILLER!" 2000 AD prog 20.

Jimbo Johnson: "You wouldn't eat ol' Jimbo would ya, Yogi? *hic!* We're drinking pals now..."

Narrator: "As the drink took effect, Shako became confused. He remembered only one Jimbo — but now... there were TWO! Shako wanted to have fun with Jimbo — but he couldn't look after two of them. One of them would have to go..." 2000 AD prog 21.

Narrator: "Like all polar bears, Shako was extremely playful. He had nibbled one of his 'playmates', and now was amusing himself by rolling on the other." 2000 AD prog 22.

Narrator: "Darkness flooded Shako's brain. His massive jaws ripped apart in one last defiant roar... The huge bear's falling body crushed the last breath out of Buck Dollar. SHAKO DIED WELL!" 2000 AD prog 35.