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By Henry Flint

Ryx 2

By Anthony Williams

Major Smith: "Ryx... words fail me, private. You're a waste of space." 2000 AD prog 1303.

Ryx: "Starboard gun. I'm ship-shape to vape... I'm itchin' to be bitchin'... I'm yearning t—"

Major Smith: "Suck it in, Ryx." 2000 AD prog 1304.

Major Smith: "Welcome to the party, Ryx!"

Ryx: "Couldn't stand by and watch an old fart get his ass whipped, sir!" 2000 AD prog 2003.

Lin-Fu: "Keep the backchat P.C., trooper. Wouldn't want to report you for sexual harassment in the workplace."

Ryx: "Be a P.C. V.C. Gotcha." 2000 AD prog 1332.

Major Smith: "I said clean the stairwell, not vape it!"

Ryx: "Curbing my enthusiasm, major!" 2000 AD prog 1334.


Lin-Fu: "Does everything have to be sexual with you, Ryx?" 2000 AD prog 1371.

Major Smith: "Ryx? Our prisoner's still alive, isn't he?"

Ryx: "I ain't no animal, major. Though it's fair to say he ain't as pretty as he used to be." 2000 AD prog 1437.