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Ruth Webster

By Brendan McCarthy

Ruth Webster: "Oh, Johnny, how could you! Isn't there enough hate here for us? To bring your blood, your bounty hunting and your killing into our lives! It — it's EVIL!" Starlord #17.

Ruth Webster: "I can't forget. Marci might have died — and it would have been your fault Johnny... I — I won't have you brining death into our lives! Please go. Go... and... and don't ever come back here again!" Starlord #19.

Ruth Kreelman (in flashback): "Johnny! What are you doing? Where are you going?"

Johnny Alpha: "I don't know. Anywhere away from here!"

Ruth: "I understand. There's no life for you here, with father the way he is. Don't forget me." 2000 AD prog 203.