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By Googe and Caldwell

Rufus 2

By Googe and Caldwell

Rufus: "Mate, Evan's going to go totally Jason Statham when he finds out we broke into his room and nicked his gear. Hey, can I film him beating you up?" 2000 AD prog 1825.

Rufus: "Wait, anyone got a problem with me bringing along one [of] those evil warrior babes?"

Everyone: "YES." 2000 AD prog 1826.

Rufus: "Come here, cute little Cthulhu-thing... come on, mate, I won't hurt you."

Cthulhu-thing: "Y'fhalma? [Translation: Mother?]" 2000 AD prog 1918.

Mysterious cloaked figure: "A voyager in experience! A searcher for the forbidden! Come with me!"

Rufus: "Yeah, I can tell already this stuff is gonna be goooood. Reminds me of this basement club I got taken to one time. Woke up four days later with someone else's clobber on. Great laugh." 2000 AD prog 1920.

Rufus: "I would love to have superpowers. Enhanced strength, super-speed, telekinetic skinning-up, X-ray vision. You know, all the usual stuff... Mmmm... Yeah. Definitely X-ray vision." 2000 AD prog 1975.

Clive: "We should have a more appropriate name."

Rufus: "Yeah, like the Total Testosterone Mental Crew!" 2000 AD prog 1977.

Simon: "And Rufus here? Seems like a cool guy, at least to the likes of you and me? I got one word that'll change all that: brony."

Rufus: "Oi! My Little Pony is a perfectly valid vehicle for... erm, a certain appreciation of the majesty of the equine form—" 2000 AD prog 1981.