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By Cam Kennedy

Traumatised Ringer

By Cam Kennedy

Ringer: "Yeah! Come on, Geeks, you're fighting the best now — Ringer, top pilot in the fleet!" 2000 AD prog 146.

Ringer (promoting interplanetary harmony): "Whose side are you on, Chinky? We're all sons of the sun, remember?" 2000 AD prog 150.

Steve Smith: "You've been calling me worm for long enough, Ringer! I'm gonna break your head!" 2000 AD prog 153.

Ringer: "You damn Earthworms are all alike. Every one I meet spouting about how great Ma Earth is, 'bout its natural air and natural crops. If you like it so much why don't you go back there an' leave space to the guys who can take it!" 2000 AD prog 154.

Ringer (post-torture): "Hate the Geeks... All of them... Hate... Hate..." 2000 AD prog 164.

Ringer: "N-no, Jupe. Don't help the worm, don't leave me!" 2000 AD prog 172.

Ringer (last words): "F-fancy me doin'... a... fool thing like s-saving a... worm... Least you were a V.C... Smith..." 2000 AD prog 173.

Ringer's ghost: "Ain't over yet, worm!" 2000 AD prog 175.

Smith: "Oh God. Ringer? But y-you're..."

Ringer's ghost: "Dead? Yeah. Whatcha gonna do?" 2000 AD prog 1374.