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Joseph and Rico Dredd as cadets

By Mike McMahon

Rico Dredd

By Paul Johnson

Pat Mills: "That story came from somewhere way down deep and was practically automatic writing when I started scripting it. Of course, it's a typical Jungian archetype of the dark self, but I had no idea of that at the time. I was aware of a major problem on Judge Dredd, which still haunts the strip to this day, the problem of an automaton character. Rico was my solution." Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop.

Rico: "'Anything to declare', huh? How about a heart full of hate for a man. Hate that's kept me alive through twenty long years of hell!" 2000 AD prog 30.

Chief Judge Goodman: "I see you got him... He's just died..."

Dredd: "No. Rico died a long time ago..." Ibid.

Dredd: "For twenty years, I suffered too — imagining what you were going through... The agony of it was with me every day on the streets of Mega-City One. Even when I was battling through the Cursed Earth, there was always a part of me that was conscious of your suffering... The more dangerous the situation, the better I liked it. Because it helped stop me thinking... feeling. Anything to block out the pain... Yours and mine." 2000 AD prog 952.

Cadet Joe (in flashback): "Good luck, Rico."

Cadet Rico (in flashback): "NO worries, Joe. We'll walk it." 2000 AD prog 1186.

Dredd: "We were rivals, sure. We both realised that was necessary, that it would make us better Judges. But when I needed a helping hand, Rico was always there. When Rico was in trouble, he knew he could rely on me." 2000 AD prog 1187.

Judge Rico (Dredd's clone who named himself after the first Rico): "He wanted you to kill him."

Dredd: "That's what it seemed like. I think Rico realised something was badly wrong. Deep down he was appalled by what he had become. He couldn't kill me, his other self -- he hadn't learned to hate me, not then..." 2000 AD prog 1188.