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Niamh 2

Niamh: "I prefer you to fat King Grudnew."

Sláine: "I see why he keeps you locked up!" 2000 AD prog 331.

Niamh: "I was selected as a child, because my looks pleased him... And kept a prisoner in a hut away from the rest of the tribe, until I was old enough to marry... Oh, the king was very kind... but I was his property. I had to wear my hair and dress the way he liked it... Warriors were forbidden to go near the hut on pain of torture and death... But, of course, that didn't stop Sláine... And... for a little while... I was free..." 2000 AD prog 505.

Narrator: "In her nunnery, Niamh — now Sister Marian — lay in a trance. Closing her eyes, familiar pictures had formed before them... Pictures she recognised from childhood, but had always dismissed as flights of fancy... dream images of no importance... Now, for the first time, she realised what they were — what they had always been... scenes from her past lives. She saw herself as a soul, drinking the waters of forgetfulness before she chose her present body..." 2000 AD prog 955.

Narrator: "His mission was less important than being reunited with his soulmate once more... for, in all his wanderings, she had always been in his heart... He cursed himself that he had so wasted their past life together." 2000 AD prog 959.

Niamh: "'Good and evil'... How ridiculous! How impossible! How inhuman! How many terrible crimes have been committed in the name of 'good'? How much pleasure has been condemned as 'evil'? When will you learn that one man's good is another's evil? That they can only be kept in balance by following the path of Nature that leads to the greenwood." 2000 AD prog 960.