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Nest's first appearance

By Massimo Belardinelli

Nest profile pic

By Anthony Jozwiak

Nest: "Excuse me... would you mind not talking about your warp-spasms in front of a lady? And tell your dwarf to stop eyeing-up my jewels!" 2000 AD prog 361.

Nest to Sláine: "Any drunkenness or loutish behaviour and you leave my employment at once!" 2000 AD prog 363.

Sláine: "You showed much courage, girl. From now on, I'll call you...Nest of the dragons!" 2000 AD prog 367.

Sláine: "What happened to your uncle, Nest?"

Nest: "I left a note in Ogham for him."

Sláine: "But he can't read!"

Nest: "Oh, I think he got the message... I wrote it with a flesh-fork!" Ibid.

Ukko: "These eternal students! She's been studying magic for a thousand years! When's she going to get a real job and leave me alone?" 2000 AD prog 1011.