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Starlord 19
2000 AD prog 1932 cover

By Alex Ronald

Mek-Quake: "Mek-Quake pretty basic robot but he understand his job — DESTROY OTHER ROBOTS!" Starlord #1.

Mek-Quake: "Hello, pals... Mek-Quake got something for you two! Mek-Quake... do... you-know-what... on... you-know-who! Mek-Quake... enjoy himself!" Starlord #4.

Mek-Quake: "Cleanse and purify! Mek-Quake... he crush those alien hordes! Hur! Hur!"

First Terminator: "Aaagghhh!"

Second Terminator: "Not us, you fool! Not us!" 2000 AD prog 339.

Mek-Quake: "Terminators got right idea — no messing about! Just smash and kill!" 2000 AD prog 341.

Brother Hieronymus: "Mek-Quake's the most savage and vicious robot we've got... even the other siege machines are afraid of him. He's got a brutal, psychopathic personality that's quite unique. A streak of pure sadism runs through him."

Mek-Quake: "Yeah... that's me! Mek-Quake is thanking you for these compliments." 2000 AD prog 344.

Hammerstein: "He obviously realised Termight was losing the galactic war, and wanted to be on the winning side!"

Mek-Quake: "Like you, eh, Hammerstein!"

Hammerstein: "No, no, that was different!"

Mek-Quake: "Oh, yeah? Cos you're good ol' Hammerstein? But not Mek-Quake — oh, no! Well, he gonna make the galaxy safe for liberty and democracy and anyone who disagree, he gonna bash their head in! Yeah!" 2000 AD prog 444.

Mek-Quake: "I want to kill him for what he did to my mother!"

Torquemada: "I've never even met your mother! I didn't know you had one!"

Mek-Quake: "I don't. I made her up. You see, now Mek-Quake is a hero, he needs an excuse for his nauseating acts of sickening violence... The squeezing... The ripping... And the... hurr! <groan!> ...disembowelling!" 2000 AD prog 501.

Mek-Quake: "Mek-Quake may have been a bit quiet lately, but this is because he is the strong, silent hero type who just grunt from time to time... but have a lot of deep, meaningful thoughts. You can be relying on this, chums and pals." 2000 AD prog 559.

Ro-Jaws: "Bog off, you sick, evil sadist!" 2000 AD prog 1963.

Angel the nurse-droid: "Begin thinking! Stop believing!"

Mek-Quake: "No! Stop thinking! Thinking bad for you! Bad robot!" 2000 AD prog 1966.