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Mean Angel

Carlos Ezquerra

2000 AD prog 284 cover

Carlos Ezquerra

2000 AD prog 288 cover

Carlos Ezquerra


Nick Percival

Mean: "This here's Captain Mean a-speakin'! Our new destination will be Mega-City One. We'll touch down in 'bout one minute... provided I kin figger out these here goldarn controls!" 2000 AD prog 284.

Fink Angel: "Ratty, I wancha to meet ma li'l brother, Mean Machine! Mean's the strong, silent type... a whole lot more silent now he's shot fulla ma best paralyzin' pizen! Well, can't stand around a-yappin' all day. C'mon back into ma hole, li'l brother!" 2000 AD prog 285.

Mean: "Y'all shut up now, or I'm goin' up ta 4 on ya!"

Judge Dredd: "4! 4! That's all you ever think of! Any real man could break me in half on 2!" 2000 AD prog 287.

Mean: "Eat 4, lawman!"

Dredd: "Eat floor, creep!" 2000 AD prog 288.

Barman: "Rotgut, M-M-Mr Angel! On the house!"

Mean: "Izzat so? NOBODY gives me rotgut on the house less'n I ASKS 'em ta gimme rotgut on the house!" 2000 AD prog 378.

Mean: "I knowed there wuz sumthin' mighty peculiar about ya, Pa! Ya AIN'T Pa! Ya low-down, two-timin', double-crossin' lawrat! I'll teach ya ta immytate my pore dead dad! YORE GONNA BE EATIN' 4 TILL IT COMES OUT GREEN!" 2000 AD prog 383.

Mean: "Ya killed my pa — ya killed my whole crummy familyshoot! Ya even killed me once! AN' NOW IT'S YORE TURN!" Ibid.

Dredd: "Say I cut your sentence in half? You're doing 12 life terms-- co-operate and I'll reduce it to six."

Mean Angel: "Lessee... that means I only gotta die six times 'fore I get outa here... Sounds fair enough!" 2000 AD prog 1064.

Doctor: "Mean is no longer capable of creating mayhem. Without his dial — and his claw, of course — we can guarantee that he really is totally harmless."

Mean: "I sure love my bunny rabbit." 2000 AD prog 1536.

Ms Doris: "Good morning, Mean! Thank you so much for your help last week."

Ms Babs: "Yes, you really must let us give you something for your trouble."

Mean: "Most kindly of ya, but 'tweren't any sweat, Ms Babs. If'n my hammer ain't good fer helpin' you ladies put up shelves, then it ain't good fer nothin'!" Judge Dredd Megazine #358.