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Mad Tommy pink trousers
Mad Tommy 3

Danny Franks: "Why... why aren't you mad, Mad Tommy?"

Mad Tommy: "Luv a duck, mates! Reckon that last Krauty missile left me poor brains in a right two and eight. Still, all be over by Christmas, eh? If it'd make you feel more comfortable, I'll go on like that." 2000 AD prog 517.

Mad Tommy: "Luv a duck, me old china! It's all a blooming joke, ain't you noticed? Just need a warped sense of humour to laugh at it, that's all." 2000 AD prog 519.

Mad Tommy: "D'you know that planets have souls too? And when a planet dies, the soul moves on. When it finds another planet it tries to take over. This sends all the people on that planet insane. That's what happened to Earth. I should know. I was a planet in an earlier incarnation." 2000 AD prog 548.

Mad Tommy: "How did I really die, Danny? I mean, how can I remember dying, and yet still be here with--"

Danny: "Let's leave that for another day, all right, Tommy?" 2000 AD prog 1952.

Danny (narrating): "We gave Tommy a sky-burial. He was definitely dead. But something happened to him out there in the vast reaches of space." 2000 AD prog 1959.

Danny (narrating): "Mad Tommy Churchill only pretended to be mad. But maybe if you pretend LONG enough... well, you get the idea." 2000 AD prog 2061.