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By Cam Kennedy


By Cam Kennedy

Loon: "The Earthworm, eh? Too bad. I thought you might have been Ringer. But I can kill him after I've skinned you." 2000 AD prog 144.

Loon: "Heeee! Full moon tonight, Geeks— Loon's cutting loose from his skull!" 2000 AD prog 146.

Jupe: "The Loon knows every bit of his moon, from the Rook Mountains to the Sea of Rains. If he says there's something wrong there could be." 2000 AD prog 154.

Loon: "No walking on my moon, Geeks! Trespassers will be vaped! Heeeeeee!" 2000 AD prog 155.

Steve Smith (thinking): "He's like a child, but he mustn't die like the other VCs. Gotta make sure he gets a chance!" 2000 AD prog 169.

Loon (last words): "You wanted me to win the game so you could grab the glory here. But no-one cuts out the Loon when there's killing to be done! Heeeeee!" Ibid.

Loon's ghost: "Heeee! You got it, Smith!" 2000 AD prog 175.

Loon's ghost: "Hee hee hee! Lookit the worm's face!" 2000 AD prog 1374.