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By Henry Flint

Lin-Fu 2

By Anthony Williams

Earth Global Vidtone News: "Steady on, she's a girl! Let's hope her curves aren't too much of a distraction when we come to pitch the big curve at Geeky!" 2000 AD prog 1303.

Lin-Fu: "Major? Do we not risk a reprimand for brawling like common grunts?"

Major Smith: "A night in the cooler at least, Lin-Fu."

Lin-Fu: "Then may I remind you of an ancient Martian proverb... 'When bold warriors are encircled in battle, it is better to run like crap for the fire exit than to wait for the martials'." 2000 AD prog 2003.

Ryx (narrating): "Lin-Fu, up there in the main turret, she meditates. Some kind of new age, Martian crapola. Om mane padme backwards. I once asked her if it was a tantric thing. That got me a slap in the face, so I'm guessing yes." 2000 AD prog 1329.

Lin-Fu: "Ryx?"

Ryx: "Yeah?"

Lin-Fu: "Shut the frick up and get in here." 2000 AD prog 1376.

Lin-Fu (last words): "Frick, V.C.s! I think I just saved the homeworld!" 2000 AD prog 1379.