Albion British Comics Database Wiki

By Jim Baikie

Loz: "Uuh... look, nipper, if there's anything wrong... I mean, I know I'm a mate of your dad's and all that, but... well, you can trust me, know what I mean?" 2000 AD prog 313.

Narrator: "The creature that Rahk-See is talking to carries itself with precise elegance, conscious of its own every gesture. It has a disciplined mind. A leader type." 2000 AD prog 315.

Loz: "Remember, chaps, this is not just a matter of life and death... this is a matter of style." 2000 AD prog 328.

Loz: "Uh... look, chief, I don't... well, I don't go in for a lot of huggin' and stuff. Not with me mates watchin'... But, well, take care of yourself, mate. Send us a postcard, eh? Tara, Skizz."

Skizz: "Tara... Loz." 2000 AD prog 330.