Albion British Comics Database Wiki

By Brian Bolland

Citizen: "It - it's raining MONSTERS!"

Klegg: "Human scum! BEHOLD THE HORDES OF KLEGG!" 2000 AD prog 94.

Klegg: "Klegg want meat!"

Judge Dredd: "Yeah? An' Dredd want Klegg-skin boots!" 2000 AD prog 1370.

Narrator: "When Frankie was three years old, the Kleggs came to the city. He'd seen 'em on the vid, singing their weird little songs... ripping folks open like they were snak-bags... eating the offal outta their torn-open guts... He'd seen a lot since. Nukes. Plagues. Judge friggin' Death. But nothing scared him like Kleggs." 2000 AD prog 1808.

Narrator: "The thought of putting a bullet in his own mouth had only occurred to him twice, maybe three times in a very long career. Wasn't during Chaos Day or Necropolis or the Apocalypse War. That was all fine... It was dealing with Kleggs. He hated Kleggs." 2000 AD prog 1969.