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McGruder in the Apocalypse War

By Carlos Ezquerra

McGruder by Steve Dillon

By Steve Dillon

Mark Harrison: "There is a nobility, a respect, that Dredd has for his former colleague when he breaks with protocol and saves the impaired McGruder from an unworthy death to instead end her days fighting in the service of the Law one last time. Grud, it was powerful stuff! Out of many classic moments in 2000 AD's history it's the one that jumps to the front every time for me. You don't expect to cry reading a comic. You bastards!" 2000 AD prog 2061.

Chief Judge McGruder to victims of Grubb's disease: "For Mega-City One to survive you must stay here — until you die. I'm sorry. Your names will join the list of those who gave their lives so that our city may live." 2000 AD prog 277.

Chief Judge McGruder: "Sometimes a little deception is necessary, for the good of the people!" 2000 AD prog 280.

Chief Judge McGruder: "As Chief Judge of Mega-City One we would like to say, on this sad occasion: farewell, brave citizens! Your sacrifice was not in vain! Unfortunately, if we did we'd be lying — 'cos if ever there was a tragic, pathetic, downright senseless way for sixty million people to cash in their chips then this was it." 2000 AD prog 702.

Chief Judge McGruder: "Oh yeah... Joe... we was never two for politics, but just right now we're tryin' to get the Isle militia to sign the Judicial charter... be diplomatic, huh?" 2000 AD prog 727.

Dredd (thinking): "Dear old McGruder. They'd had their differences, but she'd meant well. A good woman." 2000 AD prog 1280.