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250px-Judge Griffin

By Brian Bolland

Judge Griffin: "Better the Sovs perish with us, than rule us..." 2000 AD prog 249.

Judge Dredd: "The city needs a figurehead — a symbol of hope. Whatever else happens, our Chief Judge must survive!" 2000 AD prog 252.

Judge Griffin: "Already tens of thousands of you have laid down your arms and are now enjoying the new freedoms East-Meg occupation has brought to our city! Let's make no mistake — East-Meg rule is better by far! In my specially-commissioned survey, ninety-seven point nine per cent of citizens said they preferred it!" 2000 AD prog 261.

Dredd: "Tell me, Chief Judge, is it true that you're a traitor— that every word you've said tonight is a lie, calculated to deceive the citizens?"

Narrator: "Some small trace of his old self must remain within the tortured brain of Chief Judge Griffin — for the question triggers an unexpected response..."

Judge Griffin: "Yes — damn it! You're right! I've betrayed my city! I — I deserve to die!" Ibid.