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Judge giant

Giant to Dredd when the latter pretended to be about to execute a captive: "Fail me if you like. I've always admired you, sir, but I won't stand by and watch you break the law." 2000 AD prog 28.

Dredd: "Mega-City 1 has gained a darned fine judge." Ibid.

Giant: "Taste the strong right knuckle sandwich of the law, dude!" 2000 AD prog 38.

Dredd: "My injuries... slowing me down... leave me, Giant..."

Giant: "No way, baby! Mega-City needs you!" 2000 AD prog 91.

Armoury department guard: "Halt!"

Giant: "Uh-uh, baby — we're comin' through!" 2000 AD prog 93.

Dredd: "I hate quitting, drokk it!"

Giant: "Never mind, J.D.! He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!" 2000 AD prog 94.

Giant (fighting vicious reptilian alien bloodhounds): "Man, my pappy never tol' me there'd be days like this!"

Dredd: "Grin and bear it, Giant — it could get worse!" 2000 AD prog 97.

Dredd (as they plunge to their death): "Judges — Cal has won... I weep — I weep for my city!"

Giant: "Suit yourself, J.D. — but me, I'm weepin' for me!" 2000 AD prog 99.

Giant (last words): "Drokk — SATELLAT!" 2000 AD prog 242.

Dredd (narrating): "Sure, maybe they'd all be better if they knew what it was like to love someone... But that was the trap — the subtle trap... Because when you loved someone you started worrying about what happened to them — to you. You lost your effectiveness on the streets. Maybe that's why Giant bought it — because part of his mind was on her, on staying alive for her..." 2000 AD prog 651.

Alan Grant: "When we wrote the death of Giant, I thought it was a great idea to kill him off in such a casual, natural (for a judge) way. But when the reader outcry came, I was startled and forced to see things from their point of view."

John 'Giant' Clay: "Always had something of a wild streak in him, did your pappy. I suppose that's how you came along, since every fool knows Judges ain't supposed to be doing the baby-makin' thing. He was too much like me, I guess. I had aeroball to keep me out of trouble. Him, he needed something else. That's why I enrolled him at the Academy. Figure following the law was better than whatever else could have happened to him."

Judge Giant, Jnr.: "He was a good Judge. One of the best." Judge Dredd Megazine #216.