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Joyce by MacNeil and Blythe

By Colin MacNeil and Chris Blythe

Fintan Joyce

By PJ Holden and Adam Brown

Earthlet Michael A. Kelly of Co. Mayo, discussing Michael Carroll: "I loved his character Fintan Joyce and the way he was written — not as one of the ad infinitum stereotypical Irish characters portrayed in the media." Letter published in 2000 AD prog 2061.

Judge Caterina Pax (duty-log): "Joyce's knowledge of Mega-City One law is poor, but he displays considerable courage." 2000 AD prog 1850.

Judge Pax: "My people have a saying... a myth is a tree grown from the seed of fact."

Judge Fintan Joyce: "My people have a saying too — some feckers will believe any old rubbish." 2000 AD prog 1851.

Judge Fintan Joyce: "Right now I want you alive a tinchy bit more than I want you dead. Don't force me to change my mind." 2000 AD prog 1852.

Judge Fintan Joyce: "Damn, that hurts! Never been shot before."

Judge Pax: "In time, you will become accustomed to the experience." 2000 AD prog 1853.

Deputy Chief Grainne Walsh: "I hope they're paying you danger money over there. Grud, the things we hear about that city..."

Judge Fintan Joyce: "Yeah. Half the citizens are nutjobs and the rest are worse." 2000 AD prog 1935.

Judge Fintan Joyce: "Not now, Ma, I'm interrogating!" 2000 AD prog 1937.

Judge Giant: "Ram-raid in progress, Spiker piazza. You feeling up to it, Joyce?"

Judge Fintan Joyce: "Not especially. Let's go." 2000 AD prog 1975.

Perp: "You can't just kill someone without a warning! What kind of fascist—"

Judge Fintan Joyce: "That was your feckin' warning!" 2000 AD prog 1978.