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Judge America Beeny

By Colin MacNeil

America Beeny

By PJ Holden and Adam Brown

Bennett Beeny: "Ami had all her mother's inner steel -- and thankfully few of the Beeny traits." Judge Dredd Megazine 3.20.

Judge-Tutor: "She's too much her own person. Sharp, physically excellent, good skills, no lack of courage. But there's a perverse quality to her — I'd almost say rebellious. Has her own ideas about everything. Never short of an answer. Yet she claims it's her greatest desire to be a Judge and I believe her. You know her background. Of course, any child would be confused. Yet in many ways she is well adjusted — good natured, cheerful, extremely popular with her fellow cadets. Frankly, we could do with more like her in the department, though I fear that we would be the ones who had to adjust to their way of thinking." 'Cadet', Judge Dredd Megazine.

America Beeny: "If I was going to blame anyone I'd have to blame the whole department. It's the way we work. It's the way we are. Our whole culture is wrong."

Dredd: "And you're going to change that?"

America Beeny: "Yes. I am. I told you once you were bad. I don't think that anymore. You're just what the system made you." Ibid.

Judge Munn: "Kind of young for a number-two spot, aren't you, kid?"

Judge Beeny: "It's my natural charm. No one can resist it." 2000 AD prog 1651.

Narrator (Dredd's P.O.V.): "She's grown a lot like her mother, in looks anyway. In a hand to hand the terrorist America would be streetmeat. He hadn't been wrong about her. Take all that fire and intelligence and direct it in the right way and you've got a definite prospect. Given time, she could even be Chief Judge material." 2000 AD prog 1675.

Pamelina Oswin: "Beeny... she's an idealist. But she's young. Inexperienced. She's only been on the Council for a few months... ...I can't see her being much of a threat." 2000 AD prog 1987.