Albion British Comics Database Wiki

By Steve Dillon

Judge-Sergeant Joyce: "I'm out on the sauce nearly every night, meself. Well, when the missus'll let me, at any rate."

Judge Dredd: "Grud! Some Judges you got here!" 2000 AD prog 728.

Judge-Sergeant Joyce: "This is a likely place, Dredd. Lot o' Sons of Erin fellas drink here an' we'll maybe hear a whisper..."

Judge Dredd: "That's what you said about the last three bars, Joyce." 2000 AD prog 729.

Judge-Sergeant Joyce (to Dredd): "Thanks for your help. I won't say it's been fun, like. I've seen enough slaughter over the past couple o' days to last me a lifetime." 2000 AD prog 732.

Dredd: "Joyce comes from strong stock. I knew his father. A good man."

Judge Gwendolyn Kilgore: "A friend?"

Dredd: "Wouldn't go that far." 2000 AD prog 1853.

Judge-Sergeant Joyce (flashback): "I catch you two eejits fighting one more time and you'll get two years apiece! Got that?" 2000 AD prog 1936.

Deputy Chief Grainne Walsh: "If the truth gets out, it could be devastating. You understand, Dredd. Sometimes diplomacy is more important than a few human lives."

Judge Dredd: "I understand. Doesn't mean I agree." 2000 AD prog 1939.